Best Foods with Coffee

If anyone has ever wondered what type of food they should order with their coffee, then they’re in luck. For the fruit lovers, you can pair berries (think blueberries) with Kenyan or Haitian coffees or even Yemeni and Jamaican coffees. If you enjoy Tanzanian or Haitian coffees, then it’d behoove you to pair it with peaches, plums, or apricots. If you have more of a sweet tooth and like tarts, then you can pair it with a medium-dark roast Brazilian or Costa Rican. Fruit is not the only thing you can pair with coffee; chocolate is a perfect combination as well.

You can pair a brownie with a full-bodied Indonesian or Guatemalan roast. Then there’s chocolate cake which pairs perfectly with medium or dark roast coffees (French roast). Yemeni, Ethiopian, Kenyan or French roasts perfect with milk chocolate, and a dark French roasts is perfect with dark chocolate as well.

Shortbreads, Coffee Cakes, and Croissants all pair perfectly with French roasts, and Carmel Flans are perfect with Indonesian or Guatemalan coffees.  Costa Rican and Mexican coffees go very well with Muffins. A citrus scone goes well with Mexican and Ethiopian coffees. There’s more than just sweets that you can pair with coffee. Coffee is perfect to pair with breakfast.

Savory crepes go well with bold Pacific Island coffees, while Nutella or chocolate crepes are delicious with Colombian coffee. If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, than maybe eggs and bacon would be better. If you pair this with a medium French or Costa Rican roast, you won’t be disappointed. It would be a sensible decision to pair a light roast Kona or Nicaraguan coffee with oatmeal. You can try quiche with a Pacific Island coffee. Or you could try pancakes with maple syrup and enjoy a Kona or Nicaraguan roast. If you like omelets with mushrooms, basil, and chèvre, then pair it with any Indonesian or French coffee.

Coffee has ample foods to pair with. French coffee is the preeminent roast to pair with most foods so naturally many cafés have opened up. Pick up a fork and enjoy a roast today at your local café.

– P. M.

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