Café Study Day

Coffee, check. Pastry, check. Notebook, check. Colorful pens, check. Textbook, check. Let’s get to it.

There’s just something about cafés that can make you feel quite relaxed. Being able to sit down and enjoy your coffee – or other beverage of choice – allows your mind and body to wind down from the hustle-and-bustle of the day’s events. Whether it’s your favorite hole-in-the wall café or a popular store like Starbucks, being in a relaxed atmosphere can do go for your mental health. So, the next time you visit a café, take the time – whether 1 minute or 1 hour – to just appreciate the simple pleasures of life.

That being said, sometimes there are things you just need to get done and being in an environment where you can’t get too comfortable can help your productivity. Being the procrastinator that I am, whenever I have to sit down and study for a couple hours, I tend to do it in a place where I won’t get distracted by my surroundings. Studying at home (especially in your bed) can make you quite unproductive because your body and mind is just TOO relaxed. It makes me lazy and not want to do anything. So, whenever I have to force myself to meet a quickly approaching deadline, I go to public places that are quiet and still allow some degree of privacy. I’m less likely to get distracted or make up excuses for myself this way.

Of course, it helps to prepare yourself beforehand. I recommend bringing all the study materials you need so you don’t cause any setbacks for yourself and lose your motivation to study. My usual materials are:

  • notebook and colorful pens (for color-coding my notes)
  • my textbook, laptop/tablet
  • a drink (coffee*, tea, water)
    • *espresso’s the way to go   (-_^)
  • a yummy snack (cookies, croissants, macarons~)
  • my study playlist (instrumentals and film soundtracks are my jam)

I make a note to always bring these things and have them each put in their respective places so I don’t ruin my study mentality.

Most important, it’s crucial to take breaks during study sessions so you don’t wear yourself out. During these breaks you can refill your coffee, maybe get another snack, and move/walk around if you’re studying in one place for a couple hours.

To conclude, cafés are not only great places to relax, eat yummy pastries and drink good coffee, but also places to GET THINGS DONE. Mix your favorite things with ones that you hate and the balance will be rewarding.

Happy studying!

-M. L.


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