Where to Find Local French Food

In the Charlotte area, there are many cafés to choose from that serve a variety of drinks, food, and desserts. There are popular and mainstream spots to choose from such as Starbucks however, it is the small and local cafés that attract the most attention from locals and tourists alike. For those looking for French-inspired cafés in Charlotte, Google Maps lists 8 places to choose from (6 if you exclude the other 2 locations of Amelie’s French Bakery that are listed).

Here is the list:

  1. Amelie’s French Bakery & Café
  2. Cafe Monte
  3. Georges Brasserie
  4. Lumiere French Kitchen
  5. La Madeleine Northlake
  6. Renaissance Patisserie

Amelie’s French Bakery & Café

This café has a very romantic and hipster vibe that attracts people of all ages. No matter which location in Charlotte you visit, they’ll always be a considerable amount of people in there. It’s especially busy during the weekends and the lines are almost always out the door with people waiting at the register and waiting for a seat  or table to be free.

One major reason this café attracts so many people is due to their assortment of French desserts. They serve a variety of popular treats such as the salted caramel brownie, macarons, mousse cups, tarts, and much more. They also always have a barista on duty that can make their wide selection of drinks from cream soda to coffee and tea.

Cafe Monte

This French bistro and bakery offers classic French food using high quality and fresh ingredients. The bistro also hosts special events and participates in Charlotte Restaurant Week. You can find Cafe Monte’s full menu online and they also post Monthly Specials on their website.

Georges Brasserie

Georges Brasserie is a traditional lounge that serves French food, cocktails, and raw-bar offerings. Their full menu can also be found online and they also participate in Charlotte Restaurant Week.

Lumiere French Kitchen

This is fine-dining restaurant that serves traditional French cuisine in a white-table top setting. Here you can find a variety of food from croquettes, foie gras, salads, seafood, and ribeye dishes.

La Madeleine Northlake

La Madeleine Northlake is a French café chain that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This café also has an assortment of breads and desserts to choose from and their menu can also be found on their website.

Renaissance Patisserie

Renaissance Patisserie is bakery that sells a variety of breads, pastries, and sandwiches. They also offer gluten-free products and a full menu can be found on their website.


Thanks for reading!

– M. L.


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