Perfect Café Reads: Me Before You

Reading a book is the perfect way to allow your mind and body to relax. Whether you’re at home in your favorite reading spot or out and about in your favorite café, books are the perfect companion to a cup of good coffee (or other beverage of choice). Here is my personal recommendation for a café read.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

This is a romance novel published back in 2012. Due to its popularity around the world, it was adapted into a movie in 2016, starring two of the hottest actors, Emilia Clarke (as Louisa Clark) and Sam Claflin (as Will Traynor).


(Note: If you’d like a mini-summary or more reviews for this book, you can click here.)

First, a confession. I actually didn’t technically “read” this book. I got it as an audiobook and listened to it. The audiobook version has a full cast, one for each of the characters when the story is told in their point of view. I thought the narrators did an excellent job and really enjoyed listening to this book.

Now, onto my thoughts of the story. I enjoyed it very much. I’m not usually one to pick up romance novels but I saw the movie and everyone said it (book and movie) was amazing. I thought Emilia and Sam were terrific but didn’t seem to get as emotional as everyone else in the world got when watching the movie. (I guess I just wasn’t too surprised about the ending?) Anyway, when listening to the book, I understood Lou and Will’s relationship better and connected much more with all of the characters. I think the secondary characters had a lot more influence and presence in the book than in the movie and I loved how the author wrote the relationships between each character. That being said, the movie was almost exactly like the book; there were only a few minor differences.

You might be wondering how this relates to the blog. Well, although there’s only a small section of it written in the book, the Epilogue takes place in Paris, France. It’s a very important part of the book and gives readers a bit of “closure,” if you will. If you watched the movie, you might have even gotten a bit more emotional than you already were for this part. If I were to ever go to Paris, I would want to do exactly what Lou did there. First and foremost, go to a café and try their coffee and baked goods. That would be the best place to start when exploring a new city or country in my opinion.

And…that ends my scattered array of thoughts.

Thanks for reading!

– M. L.


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