Usual breakfast in France

A typical le petit dejeuner in France is usually a nice cup of coffee and un croissant. Le petit dejeuner means breakfast and un croissant means a croissant. Typically bakeries will have a basket of croissants out on the bar early in the mornings for the ones who come to eat and sometimes they will have out chocolate croissants. Known for the crescent shape, a croissant is flakey and buttery pastry. It is made of dough that is layered with butter and then rolled and folded several times by a technique called laminating. Below are a list of common items that are ordered at french bakeries and how to order them in french!

  • une baguette — a long loaf of bread
  • un pain complet — a loaf of whole grain bread
  • un canelé — a tiny cake with a custard center
  • une part de flan — a slice of flan
  • une tartelette aux framboises — a small raspberry tart
  • un éclair au chocolat — a chocolate éclair
  • un pain aux raisins — a sweet raisin roll
  • une brioche — a very light, sweet bread made with eggs and butter
  • un chausson aux pommes — an apple pastry/tart
  • un croissant aux amandes — a very sweet almond croissant



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